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9 August 1861-13 December 1922, was an English painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
45002 Das Juedische Maedchen Alexei Jawlensky Das Juedische Maedchen mk183 oil on cardboard 68.5x49.5cm
67891 flicka med blatt forklade Alexei Jawlensky flicka med blatt forklade 1909 se
56448 head Alexei Jawlensky head mk247 c.1910,oil on canvas over cardboard ,16x13 in,41x33 cm,museum of modern art,new york,ny,usa
56402 landscape,murnau Alexei Jawlensky landscape,murnau mk247 1908 to 09,oil on cardboard,19.625x20.5 in,50.x52 cm,museum kunst palast,dusseldorf,germany
2062 Love Alexei Jawlensky Love 1925 Lenbachhaus, Munich
2063 Meditation Alexei Jawlensky Meditation 1922 Lenbachhaus, Munich
40872 Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sakharov Alexei Jawlensky Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sakharov mk156 1909 Oil on canvas
23336 Schockko (nn03) Alexei Jawlensky Schockko (nn03) 1910 Oil on board Mounted on canvas 75 x 65 cm 29 1/2 x 24 1/2in Private collection
2060 Seated Female Nude Alexei Jawlensky Seated Female Nude 1910 Lenbachhaus, Munich
27115 Self-Portrait Alexei Jawlensky Self-Portrait mk52 1911 Oil on board 55x51cm
2061 Spanish Woman Alexei Jawlensky Spanish Woman 1913 Lenbachhaus, Munich
34043 The Red Shawl Alexei Jawlensky The Red Shawl mk87 1909 Oil on canvas 54x49cm
21614 The Red Shawl (mk09) Alexei Jawlensky The Red Shawl (mk09) 1909 Oil on canvas,54 x 49 cm Private collection
34061 Woman with a Fan Alexei Jawlensky Woman with a Fan mk87 1909 Oil on cardboard 92x68cm Wiesbaden,Museum Wiesbaden
21663 Woman with a Fan (mk09) Alexei Jawlensky Woman with a Fan (mk09) 1909 Oil on cardboard,92 x 68 cm Wiesbaden,Museum Wiesbaden

Alexei Jawlensky
1864-1941 Russian Alexei Jawlensky Galleries Alexej von Jawlensky was born in Torzhok, a town in the department of Tver, Russia, as the fifth child of Georgi von Jawlensky and his wife Alexandra (n??e Medwedewa). His family was aristocratic. At the age of ten he moved with his family to Moscow. After a few years of military training, he became interested in painting, visiting the Moscow World Exposition c. in 1880. In 1896 he moved to Munich where he studied in the private school of Anton Azbe. In Munich he met Wassily Kandinsky, and Marianne von Werefkin, other Russian artists and helped form the Neue Kunstlervereinigung M??nchen. His work in this period was lush and richly coloured, but later moved towards abstraction with a simplified and formulaic style in a search to find the spiritual. Alexej von Jawlensky. Abstract Head, c. 1928He died in Wiesbaden, Germany on 15 March 1941.
John William Godward
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