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9 August 1861-13 December 1922, was an English painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
23196 A View at Nidau (nn02) Leo-Paul Robert A View at Nidau (nn02) 1889 Oil on canvas over board,8 x 11'' The Oskar Reinhart Foundation Winterthur
92296 Portrat eines Madchen aus Retuna Leo-Paul Robert Portrat eines Madchen aus Retuna 1822(1822) Medium oil on canvas cyf
62824 Princess Pauline Borghese Leo-Paul Robert Princess Pauline Borghese 1808 Oil on canvas, 214 x 149 cm Cheteau de Versailles et de Trianon, Versailles Lefevre probably painted Napoleon's favourite sister Marie-Pauline (1780-1825) more frequently than any other artist, although we are more familiar with her in the work of the Parisian painter Bosio and in Canova's generous rendering of her as Venus Victrix. After two earlier marriages Pauline married Prince Camillo Borghese in 1803, and Lefevre's representative portraits include one painted in 1808, showing her as Princess Pauline Borghese, in her robe of state
52526 The Pilgrimage to the Madonna of the Arch Leo-Paul Robert The Pilgrimage to the Madonna of the Arch 1827 Oil on canvas, 142 x 212 cm

Leo-Paul Robert
impression atist 1851?C1923
John William Godward
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